Bloody Fridge Magnets

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  • 84 kiss-cut letters dripping with blood
  • Divided over 2 sheets
  • Original Monster Factory product
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Bloody Fridge Magnets

Make your roommates pee themselves when they walk into the kitchen on a stormy night and see your message written out with our Bloody Fridge Magnets! Ever fancied transforming your kitchen into a scene from a slasher movie? Yep, we too! Our Bloody Fridge Magnet pack contains 84 gory letters, designed to freak out your fridge. Spell out an ominous message then add the magnetic handprints for extra dramatic tension. Nip in and change the slogans when no one’s looking and the whole house will be screaming à la Alfred Hitchcock. It’s just too tempting to resist!

Bloody Fridge Magnets Attributes

Each pack contains:
– 2 sheets of kiss-cut magnets
– 84 magnetic, blood dripping letters
– Matt-finish card folder packaging

Bloody Fridge Magnets Dimensions

Pack dimensions: 155mm x 235mm
Magnetic sheet size: 148.5mm x 210mm

Bloody Fridge Magnets Video

The Bloody Fridge Magnets are so bloodcurdling, we haven’t really dared to make a video on it. But we’ll gather all the courage we can to make sure it gets one.
While you are waiting for us to become a little bit more brave, you can watch some fun stuff that’s much less scary on our YouTube channel. We’ve got light-hearted instructional videos, comforting announcements and other joyful things to cheer you up. Click here.

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